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#Books is Working Again on Instagram

Hi everyone! I recently wrote about how #books was broken on Instagram. When I had used that hashtag on my post, only my followers were able to see my picture. After I edited the post and removed #books, everyone could see the photo. Today, I decided to share another picture on Instagram and check whether…… Continue reading #Books is Working Again on Instagram

Bookish Posts

Banned Instagram Hashtags Includes #Books

Hi everyone! A couple of weeks ago, I tweeted my surprise at learning that #books has been banned on Instagram. I had just posted a picture there and noticed that it hadn’t appeared in a hashtag feed. After searching online, it turns out that quite a few hashtags are banned/broken on Instagram. Since the start…… Continue reading Banned Instagram Hashtags Includes #Books


I’ve joined Bookstagram πŸ“š

Bookstagram is the book community on Instagram and it’s devoted to photos of books. If you’d like to be my friend on Instagram, please check out @shazreads. I’ve been increasingly taking my own photos of book covers which I use to illustrate reviews on this blog, and I’ve decided to also upload these pictures on…… Continue reading I’ve joined Bookstagram πŸ“š