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Top Ten Tuesday: Book Titles That Sound Like They Could Be Crayola Crayon Colours

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme that is hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. This week’s topic is a freebie, so I chose to do a past TTT topic that I missed which is Book Titles That Sound Like They Could Be Crayola Crayon Colours. This has made me feel nostalgic about colouring in using Crayola crayons when I was younger!


I’m taking inspiration from Raziol’s outfit in the stunning cover above and can see this as a purplish-blue colour like a sky full of stars.

The Black Flamingo

This sounds like a beautiful black colour which shimmers in the light.


According to Wikipedia, Crayola actually made crayons with scents like Chocolate in 1994. They received complaints from parents “that some of the crayons smelled good enough to eat” and the crayons with food scents were retired in favour of non-food scents. If I could, I would bring these back starting with Chocolat which looks like, you guessed it, a chocolate brown colour.


I can definitely imagine Heartstopper as a romantic blush pink colour, similar to Charlie’s coat!

In Deeper Waters

Inspired by the ocean, this would be a deep navy blue colour.


I can see Cinder as being a metallic silver colour, reminiscent of androids.


A mooncake is a Chinese dessert with a sweet or savoury filling traditionally eaten during the Mid-Autumn Festival. I can picture this as a warm golden yellow.

Malibu Rising

This immediately makes me think of a sparkling turquoise colour.

Midnight Sun

I can picture this as a gold colour, like a natural phenomenon of the midnight sun.

The Fire Never Goes Out

For this one, I’m thinking a mixture of red, orange and yellow like a brilliant flame.

Which book titles sound like colours to you? Let me know in the comments and feel free to link your Top Ten Tuesday post!

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